Photovoltaic Power Supply

With constant declining costs for photovoltaic modules (PV), electricity can now be generated even cheaper compared to big centralized power plants traditionally used for generation of power.

In 2012 / 2013 we have seen a real increase in PV installations for private & government buildings in Namibia. With system sizes from 10kW to over 1MW you will most likely find some Supermarket close to you which recently has gone “Solar” in order to make business more profitable offsetting electricity production against consumption.



Swakopmund Spar Market – 262kW Calyxo CdTe PV installed by SolTec c.c.

Technology is changing and is getting more efficient. SolTec c.c. carries a variety of PV modules, Inverter- and Battery brands from different well-known manufactures to accommodate for your needs.
With rising electricity prices already promised by NamPower for the coming years it is NOW the time to invest into privately operated and even smaller PV systems. No matter if such a system can be connected directly to the public grid (Grid-Tie), or, with no power lines as an option, is using batteries to store the generated power (Island system), we provide suitable products & services.