Solar Thermal

The enormous energy from the sun can be easily used in many applications to directly transfer heat with an efficiency of ~70% to liquids like oil or water.


Solar Water Heating (SWH) for domestic water usage is much cheaper compared to using grid electricity to heat the water and you will see the results in your monthly bill. The SWH market offers a variety of technical solutions with different results and service life terms.


SolTec provides different systems for our Namibian clients :

  • thermosyphon (passive water transport)
  • forced flow (pumped water transport)
  • indirect (2 circuits with antifreeze heat exchange)
  • direct (1 circuit “direct-flow” system)

All our systems are “High Pressure Systems”


Our hot water storage tanks come in a direct or indirect (with heat exchanger) version. As collectors we supply flat plate and heat pipe absorbers. The latter are being used for revamping systems with existing electrical geysers to solar hot water systems.

Our manufacturing partner is Millionsun Energy Co. Ltd, China and we pass on their product warranty of 5 years!

Download this brochure: Forced Systems


revamping existing geysers with a heat-pipe absorber

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