Solar Pumping

It’s one of the big success stories in Namibia, where renewable energy – Wind Motor Pumps – were being used for generations to pump water. Despite its availability for over 100 years, wind installations in interior Namibia nearly always require big reservoirs and additional backup solutions.

“Photovoltaic Pumping” (PVP) utilizes the regular sunshine of this country and together with its easier handling outperforms “old-style” wind motors.

The comparison between a “Diesel-engine powered pump” and “Solar powered pumping” declares – Solar – as a clear winner in a study initiated by the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy in 2004. Since then, parameters have even more shifted in favor of Solar and will in future considering constantly rising fuel prices globally.

  • Fact Sheet Solar Water Pumping
  • Solar PV Water pumping Study – FINAL REPORT

SolTec does operate solar powered submersible pumps with our own electronic tracker controller successfully for tasks that go beyond the capacity of dedicated solar pumps.

Quite a few manufactures are competing on this market and we have seen many products in our workshop. Experience guided us to the following brands, which we recommend to our clients and offer “long-term” support:

  • Allpower
  • Grundfos

What can we do against “theft”? Here are one of our solutions to make it difficult to steel PV modules:

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