Generating “Green Electricity” through renewable energy resources such as Photovoltaic Cells (PV), Wind, Water, Biomass or Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) could be a highly feasible option for farms, lodges, workshops, a village/municipality compared to conventional Diesel- or Petrol generation and this will help to reduced fossil fuel “Greenhouse Gases”.

The electrical technical standard, common for most of these installations and available appliances, as single or 3-phase, is alternating current (AC).

  • Island Systems (off-Grid with own Battery storage capacity)
  • Grid Connect (Grid-Tie connected directly to the grid)
  • Hybrid (mix of generation sources with Grid/off-Grid & Battery storage option

Most of the energy supply systems are engineered with a focus on “location specific” needs. Never-the-less: SolTec offers so-called “Standard Systems” which are designed as a mix of “latest & proven” technology matching typical energy demand situations.

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