Wind & Hybrid Power

Wind is harnessed since the ancient times to assist people and there is quite a history of “wind motors” for water pumping and “wind chargers” for battery charging in Namibia as well. SolTec cc has been involved in wind power installations since 1996 for hybrid power systems and stand-alone remote power supplies. We have done installations for small wind turbines, from 1kW to 6kW machines and their downstream systems.

In a number of countries a development towards RE powered fuel service stations is in full swing. Here you see an example from Europe where the demand for electrical power backup is provided through a combination of wind and solar installations (RE Hybrid System). In future, RE energy to fuel modern e-cars will be provided through charging installations within the service station environment. SOLTEC is looking forward to push such a development in Namibia.





Our preferred manufacturer with a proven support record is Everready-Kestrel, with a manufacturing plant in South Africa. Kestrel is around for more than 10 years and has a strong “part & support” department. Other products we will be offering on a “project basis”.

Namibia Wind Resource Map